Proposed Staff/Marketing Leadership

Danso Gordon

Founder UCLA

Graduating with a Science degree from UCLA, Danso’s diverse experience in film & television as well as his recent studies towards a second BS in Computer Science has given him a refreshing approach towards the tech industry. After 20 years in the film industry, Danso has worked on numerous award-winning film and television projects such as the Sundance award-winning Dear Wendy and the Sony pictures film, Heaven Is For Real, based on the #1 best-selling novel of the same title. Also, an entrepreneur at heart, Danso founded and designed a clothing line as a hobby, Caleb clothing quickly expanded its reach worldwide; reaching countries such as Japan and Puerto Rico. Danso has now set his sites on the tech industry. His keen eye towards design and back end development as well as his professional reach gives NodeBomb a huge advantage.

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Rene Zelaya

Graphic Designer San Francisco Art Institute

As a UX/UI Rene loves to figure out what makes people tick and connecting users to their goals is where he finds success. Starting as a graphic designer out of art school Rene quickly broadened his interest in web design and eventually UX/UI design. Working with an educational startup Rene discovered his passion for mobile for mobile UX/UI work winning 3rd place at the UCSB New Venture Competition with his mobile app prototype. Since leaving Napses Rene has done freelance web design and development as well as UX consulting for space Rocket - a creative agency based in San Francisco. He has experience in User Research, Information Architecture and Visual Design.

Ali Amirazizi

Front End Developer CS University Long Beach

With more than 3 years of experience in IT, startups, customer service, sales, and marketing, Ali has launched a new career in web development. Specializing in front end development he is experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. He is well versed in numerous programming language including JavaScript, SQL, and PHP. Prior to joining NodeBomb, Ali worked for a software startup called Kuapay where he specialized in providing IT support. He organized marketing campaigns, and assisted with daily operations. He also worked as a QA game tester for Square-Enix, a Japanese video company. Ali has a degree in philosophy and is currently pursing a second degree in computer science.

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Ratanak Chheang

Back End Developer Norton University

Ratanak has been charging through the tech industry for the last three years with an expertise in full-stack (front/back-end) development. He began his career in IT support for a non profit organization and successfully built a website for an internal phone extension directory for all of the employees. After graduating from developer bootcamp, he received invaluable experience working as the back-end developer for the start-up company, GameKulture Inc. Also during that time, fueled by his strong passion for development, Ratanak gained invaluable experience by creating his own startup company with a realtor business. “I love to ask people question and give ideas about the future features that end users need ".

Karyn Martin

Public Relations UMASS, Amherst

Karyn has more than 15 years of public relations experience representing technology, consumer packaged goods, retail, travel, B2B, and health care clients. Karyn specializes in developing and managing integrated public relations programs for clients including NxStage Medical, The Yankee Candle Company, BAILEYS Coffee Creamers and more. She currently servers as President of the Publicity Club of New England. Prior to joining 451 Marketing, Karyn spent five years at Emerge PR, representing a wide range of local and national clients including Cartessis, CSG Systems, Harte-Hanks, Information Builders, Tizor and Trillium software. Karyn is an award-winning PR practitioner and has been published multiple times in PR trade publications.

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Tyrone Pardue

Branding College of Marketing & Design

As Director of Branding at 451 Marketing, Tyrone brings over 25 years of international branding and creative experience to our firm. Tyrone helps companies develop winning strategies to strengthen brand presence, increase sales and forge strong customer relationships. Tyrone’s specialties include brand and corporate identity development, corporate communications, information design, product packaging, corporate and marketing collateral. Selected client experience includes Yoplait, The Irish Dairy Board, DCC plc, Flogas pic, Bank of Ireland Group, North Star Bank, Flagship Bank, Yell U.k., Directel China/Portugal, Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company, BICSI, and the rebranding of Ireland’s national public transport agency, CIE Group.

Francis Skipper

Digital Marketing Cambridge College

With more than 14 years of experience in global digital marketing, Francis oversees digital media campaigns that include media planning, SEO, PPC, display advertising, remarketing, out-of-home and social media marketing/advertising. As an experienced senior manager and business development driver, Francis has led successful online marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 level companies in the pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, consumer electronics, B2B and retail spaces. Selected B2B and consumer clients include Bob’s Discount Furniture, AstraZeneca, Hood, The college of Healthcare Professions, and Ericsson. Prior to joining 451 Marketing , Francis worked in new business development and sales at iProspect where his clients included TiVo, Harry and David, and Equinix.

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